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Complete Package Price: $#UCASE(qService.Unit_Price)#
The price of $#UCASE(qService.Unit_Price)# is the entire price for producing, editing, and completing your Slideshow Video with titles, transitions, graphics, music, etc, and posting your project for you to download.

All we need from you is a couple dozen or so of your photos. If they have already been scanned into digital photo, all the better. If not, we can do that for you by selecting our Digitizing Service.

By default, your slideshow will include royalty-free music or music you have created, your choice. It will include a Title, Transitional Effects from one scene to another, ending credits and participants (those who are staring in the movie), and a theme based on a concept provided by you, or if you wish, and by default, a theme based on what Swan Video editors believe will be the most appropriate for your project. This gives you the option to leave all the worry to us.
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By placing your order, you agree to the price, terms, and conditions stated below.

Many of us have many photos of our loved ones just sitting around. And when it comes time to show them to your family and friends, after a while, you may find your audience yawning, ready to leave. Just another set of photos, nothing too special. Swan Video will change that reaction.

Send us your best material photos so we can create a wonderful video slideshow presentation designed to make your family smile. You may be thinking your photos are not very interesting. Please don't toss them out or let them sit in a desk somewhere. Bring your photos to life with all the professionalism you've seen at the movies. Let us tell a story, create entertainment and sentiment, happy times, memories to last forever. Make your photos move.

We assemble your photos into a story format which ends up as a video to reflect your own values. We begin with communicating, in detail about what you want to achieve. Once that's settled, or even before, we'll need to examine your photos, then get to editing with a beginning, middle, and ending.

We edit your video in one of three different decision methods:
  1. You tell us how to edit your slideshow video.
  2. (Or) You give us basic instructions on the phone or by email, and we take it from there.
  3. (Or) Swan Video makes all decisions, edit, and finalizes based on photos you give us.
In (3) above and by default, without input from you, we make all the decisions, based on photos, music, you may supply. We create the title of the slideshow, select graphics, music, and overall theme, and editing decisions.
In (2), you give us some basic idea of what you want, a title, scene selections, general ideas, and we handle the rest of the production and video editing.
In (1), you give us a detailed overview of how you would like us to edit your slideshow. You can do this by email or on by telephone. You approve a final written decision and we begin to edit your slideshow.
How Long Will It Take
Once you've paid for the #qService.title# service and had an opportunity to give your input, it generally takes between 2 to 3 days to complete your slideshow video, and ready for you to pickup. More detailed stories take longer. We'll have a better idea once we see the slideshow video we will be editing.
Delivery: Download By Customer
All completed slideshow videos will be posted for you to download once edited and fully completed. We do not send your video to you by postal mail. We will post your slideshow video in a private area for you to download on our website or on, in a private, unpublished area. We will inform you by email and by a post here on Swan Video exactly where you can download your completed slideshow video.
Video Length
Completed slideshow video projects are generally between 2 to 5 minutes in length. If you need a longer length, just let us know before you make your purchase. Once we receive your payment we'll begin work on your video. Send support files, such as digital images or digital videos, for your project, please let us know where we can get them. You can send them in one of the following ways:
Upload or mail your video and photos
Send us your video, music, or photos so we can complete your project. You can do this before you pay, or after. Once you have an account created, you can upload your production files and if you like, we can take a look to give you a better idea of what it will take to create your video production.
  • Email (images only)
  • (video only)
  • (images or video)
  • Upload to our server
  • Postal/UPS/Fedex, etc.
Mail Media Files
If you wish to send your photos or other media files to us in a non-digitized format, that is, on videotape, DVD, etc, you should also select our Digitizing Service. This service will pay to have us digitize about 30 photographs.

Or if you have images posted where we can retrieve them, such as, please let us know. Otherwise you can use our UPLOAD option to send us your photos. If you upload, please let us know by email when you have completed the uploads. Your file uploads are private and cannot be seen by anyone other than you or our editing staff.

If you wish to give us specific instructions on how you would prefer to have your slideshow project edited, please contact us by phone or email.
Custom Package
We can also create a custom package for you to review and purchase. Either write the package yourself in an email message, or call us and we'll create it over the phone. After you have paid for the service, you can give us a written overview of what you'd like to archive. It will first need to be approved, in writing.
Refunds / Returns
Swan Video is a custom service. If a customer is not satisfied with an order, Swan Video will attempt one revision to attain a quality level acceptable to the customer. However, as with custom services in other businesses and industries, the service is non-refundable and non-returnable. If you need additional edits to your completed video or wish Swan Video to re-edit your completed video based on your additional input, will do so but only after we charge you an additional $#UCASE(qService.hourly_rate)#/hr. Your original payment is non-refundable and is not available as credit or return.
Additional Work