FAQ & Overview

Once we received your payment we're ready to begin work on the service you purchased.

If you need to send us support files, such as digital images or digital videos, for your project, please let us know where we can get them. You can send them to us in one of the following ways:

Support Files

If you wish to send your video or images to us in a non-digitized format, that is, on videotape, dvd, etc, you should also select our Video Digitizing Service. This service will pay for us to digitize about one hour of video, or up to 30 photographs.
Or if you have them posted somewhere where we can retrieve them, such as Youtube.com, or Facebook.com, please let us know. Otherwise you can use our UPLOAD option to send us your video files. If you do upload, please let us know when you have completed the uploads. Your file uploads are private and cannot be seen by anyone other than you or our editing staff.
If you wish to give us specific instructions on how you would be like to have your video project edited, please contact us by phone or email.

Custom Package:
We can also create a custom package for you to review and purchase. Either write the package yourself in an email message, or call us and we'll create it over the phone.

After you have paid for the service, you can give us a written overview of what you'd like to achive.

Edit Decisions:
We edit your video in one of three different decision methods.

  1. We make all the decisions and edit based on files you give us.
  2. Give us basic instructions on the phone or in writing, and we take it from there.
  3. You tell us how to edit your video.

In (1) above and by default, without input from you, we make all the decisions, based on the files you supply. We create the title of the video, select graphics, music, and overall theme, and all edit decisions.

In (2), you give us some basic idea of what you want to do, a title, scene selections, and we handle the rest of the video editing.

In (3), you give us a detailed overview of how you would like us to edit your video. You can do this by email or on the phone. You approve a final written decision and we begin to edit your video.

How Long Will It Take?
Once you have paid for our service and had an apportunity to give you input, on 1-3 above, it generally takes between 3 to 5 days to complete your video, and ready for you to pickup.